Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wishes Do Come TRUE!!!!!

Mmm... remember our 2 voucher for 3 puppy dilemma????

Tough choice isnt it?


We heart McDONALDS!!!!!

Guess what? Mc donald's realized that 2 vouchers are not enough for the 5 of us, so uncle postman delivered 2 more today!

We are so excited! It's like a windfall for us.. I guess McDonald's is still our favourite fastfood joint..

Stephy: but now we have another problem.. who do we give the extra burger to?

Mummy or Daddy???????? Mummy took the awesome photos of us BUT Daddy drove us to Mc D's.. So how???????? Who shall we reward the voucher to???

Fatty: I think this calls for a vote.. I vote Daddy!

Ally: mummy mummy!

Stephy: At first, I was thinking of having two for myself. But now... mmm... I call for an open voting and let our fellow friends decide.. What say you??

P.s. i wonder if the people at McDonalds will give us more vouchers and make our wishes come true again :P

The 3 of us!

The current voting stands at:-
Fatty - 2.33 votes (Nemo's 1/3 + JD and Max's Humans)
Stephy - 2.33 votes (I voted for myself + Nemo's 1/3 + Santa's)
Daddy - 2 votes (Fatty's and Max's)
Mummy - 2 votes (Ally's and JD's)
Ally - 1.33 votes (Nemo's 1/3 + Jimbo's)
p.s. Fatty is much better already cos she's in the running for the 4th burger!


Captain Nemo said...

Hi girls - oh, that's a toughie! I think you should split the extra burger between the three of you - chosing between mummy and daddy is impossible! Your pal - Nemo

JD and Max said...

Oh, that's an impossible choice you've handed over to us Stephy. We think you should keep your paws crossed that more vouchers appear in the post tomorrow. Is that a cop out? Okay then....

JD - Well, I'd vote for your mummy.
Max - But I'd vote for your daddy.

So we're not much help we're afraid! He he!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Eric said...

so now..

2 votes for Daddy..

2 votes for Mummy...

and I voted for myself... hehehe...

who else wants to vote?


Diana said...

Stephy, since you wrote this post, I vote for you!! Haha...with my vote, you have 2.33 votes and you are ahead of them for the time being.

Since I voted for you, can I get a bite of your burger?

- Santa

Jimbo said...

Hi everyone - I vote for Ally because she's the smallest of the group so I think she needs feeding up!! Plus, she was poorly recently so needs something to cheer her up! Looking forward to finding out how the burgers were divided. BFN - Jimbo.

cheesie said...

ooooooooomg damn cute la them!!! <3 <3 <3

JD and Max said...

Hey sweet Fatty - don't be upset that you didn't get any exclusive votes - we voted for your humans so as not to upset OUR humans - he he he! But our female human AND our male human would like to let you know that they BOTH vote for you, as you're the one who looks the most like us two!

We really wanted to get you some gift certificates so that you could 'have a burger' on us! We looked into it but unfortunately we have to live in the country to order them - sigh...! So - we're sending you this link instead, maybe it will help you get a few more burgers....

We'll also instruct our humans to buy you all a burger when they visit KL next year - he he he!

Tail wags - JD and Max.

The Blackwells said...

Hi all, friends Max and JD asked me to come along here and vote. Hmmm, I'd like the burger myself but that would be a bit rude since I've never met you before! So I vote for - dum dum dum - Mummy! Well, I love MY mummy the most :) See you again soon - Caddie (the staffie)my

Captain Nemo said...

Popped back to see how the voting was going - looks like mummy is in the lead! It's tense stuff! BFN - Nemo

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