Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stephy @ Work.

Hey pawpals!

Betcha wondering what I've been up to lately after the mishap that took place close to a month back..

If you have been following our twitter closely, you would have realised that fatty and ally have been complaining about me heading out with mummy to her office everyday.. Curious to know what I actually do in the office???

Well, I enjoy the aircond while running around and making myself feel at home.. Uncle Mark loves me tonnes cos I help him guard the office too, from any unwanted strangers - I'm such a good girl!

And when I get bored, I get to nap on my blanket that mummy bought from bali along with a little pillow to rest my head (thanks uncle Mark and auntie jee shin!) I actually do get bored really often, because mummy doesn't play with me as often as she does when she is at home..

She's so preoccupied with the white machine called an apple.. I love to eat apples! but this one... not so yummy afterall!

I love to sneak peeks at mummy's apple but I don't seem to see or find anything interesting at all.. *see my climbing to have a look..* so I just chill on the chair and let mummy stroke me till I fall asleep.. Hehehe..

Mummy even tried to hamburger me with the pillow and I let her do it and also pose for it because I love Her.. I mean which other mummy would sacrifice lunch and sit in the office because I can't go along too??? Thank goodness daddy bought us a new bag that can camouflage us in it.. So now mummy can eat lunch too.. Yayyyyy!! Although I hate the bag, but I guess certain sacrifices have to be made.. *licks mummy's face* it also means I get to go out as well, jolly gee it works both way for us.. Hehehe..

I <3 mummy..

Signing off,
Princess Stephy


JD and Max said...

Oh Stephy, we're SO jealous, we wish WE could go into work with our humans. Sigh, not fair! We think we have to agree with Ally and Fatty and be a bit envious of you too.... But you're such a good and gorgeous girl we can't stay jealous for long. Tail wags - JD and Max.

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