Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Naughty Ally

This is a super short post with a few liners.. :)

Just that that it was super funny because as usual this morning we woke up and grandmama called us to the kitchen for our staple diet of bread for breakfast (1 piece each)

So grandmama will tear the bread into pieces for each on of us so that we can chew them nicely and not have the hassle of tearing it on our own (so sweet!) and little Ally will as usual pile them up together like a mountain and keep begging for more. Then when she realizes grandma doesn't have anymore she will then run around the house for a few rounds - kiss mummy, ask for carry, etc AND THEN only shall she start eating her bread.

Today, she did the same but only this time mummy had something in her hand and was munching on some human snacks - naughty Ally thought that she would be able to snacker a few from mummy and only later enjoy the bread that she has mounted together.. And today is the day that i decided no more nice sister, so i gobbled down her mountain of bread :D

When she came back, she was searching frantically for it but of cos she couldn't find it! Poor girl, was so upset.. And grandmama say no more to Ally, must punish her for playing with her food and taking sooooooooooooooo long to finish... LOL! So funny!

*evil laugh*



SaSa said...

haha, Fatty u r so bad today ! u must at least left 1 piece for poor little Ally ma, kekeke~

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