Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Week.

*Note* This is a very long post with lots of photos to cap our long week.

Hey our dear and beloved readers,

We're really sorry that we havent updated the blog in a whole week. It was a very sad week indeed - it was tough seeing Daddy and Mummy look so upset after what had happened, but we tried our very best to cheer them up. In fact, we had been good all week and hence, Daddy and Mummy had been extra nice to us too. So.. I'm going to make this post a happy post - hope all our readers will feel much more relieved and happier when they see this...

Lets see how we shall start...

Daddy bought this little bag just a short while ago - it was supposed to be for one of us lucky ones to go out with them to certain places that didnt allow doggies like us - in fact, I even went out with Daddy and Mummy to this shopping centre called Pavilion too in this bag...

Anyways, Ally and I were both stuffed into this little bag and we headed to this shopping centre called ONE UTAMA. It was such a huge place - and we ended up at this place called Pets More.

And guess what... Daddy bought ANOTHER BAG!!!!!!

First there's one... now there's two bags, for myself and Ally!

So we had been going out with Daddy and Mummy quite a lot the past few days. We had photos at some of those places, but not all of it though - really sorry.

On Thursday, we went to this place called CAFE CAFE, thats actually along Jalan Maharajalela - or something like that according to Daddy. (sorry we had no photo here - so we had to steal from somewhere else online) It was a nice restaurant - there was a lot of people and we had no choice but to sit in the bag as Daddy and Mummy were afraid we would scare off some people...

Then, on Friday, we went out to another place. This place was called SIDS - its actually a pub. Mummy brought us there to meet her friends Auntie Lainey and Uncle Kenny Sia. Once again we had no photos, but we promise we'll show you some next time. Daddy and Mummy are very keen to go there again as we were given a very warm welcome there. In fact, we even got Mummy and Auntie Lainey free drinks!!!!!

Then on Saturday, Mummy and Daddy brought us to visit Uncle Joe at Hartamas Square. He was holding a little event called Fun(d) My Lens - and we got to become guest models for him.

Here's a little photo of us together - taken by Uncle Joe.

See how cute we are!!!! Hehehe... of cos, we got our treats too!

Then after the little photo shoot, I was just chilling around with Mummy's friends - and met up with this aunty, who was surprisingly not scared of me. She was just parading me around and carrying me... hmmm...

Ally: Obviously she hasnt seen how vicious you can be!

Ohh.. since we are talking about viciousness, let me show you how vicious I can be...

See my beautiful teeth???

If you try to hurt any of my loved ones, I will attack you!!!!!

One more last warning for anyone of you ok!!!

Ohh.. before I forget, Daddy also showed that he loves us a lot a lot too... as much as how much he loves Mummy...

You see... Mummy has this little bracelet.

On the bracelet is 3 little charms (things that hang onto the bracelet...)

You see... ONLY 3!!!!

Mine has 7!!!!!!

See how pretty mine is on me... I'm such a pretty girl isnt it?

Ally has one too... and hers also has 7 little charms on it...

See... ours are much more colourful than yours Mummy..

We love you tons Daddy!!!! Thank you Daddy!!!!

Oh.. to cap it all, today we celebrated Uncle Kelvin's birthday. Uncle Kelvin is Aunty Rachaelle's boyfriend - it was an eventful week indeed. Uncle Kelvin is father to our lil annoying cousin, Tinkerbell.

Happy birthday Uncle Kelvin...

Okay... I'm getting sleepy already. Will try to update more soon.

Love ya all,


JD and Max said...

Hi girls - we're so glad to see you back. Great post - lovely idea to keep it happy, Stephy would have liked that! You have been busy haven't you? Do you stay quiet when you're in those bags? We'd be woofing at everything and would be startling everyone as a result, he he! And Fatty - woah girl, you can be quite - erm - intimidating can't you?! We love your charm necklaces - your daddy obviously loves you loads! You're both so pretty. Tail wags - JD and Max.

Anya said...

Lovely post,
sooooo long :)
Beautiful pictures,
I love the bag,
I sit in it when I am going to the vet ;)

Kareltje =^.^=

Sylvia K said...

Hey you girls are really good looking and you sure put together a great post! I'd like to meet up with you one of these days -- but, Fatty, I hope you won't scare me by showing your teeth if we get to meet!! I'm really a nice guy!

You're both look great!
Sam Schnauzer

Captain Nemo said...

Hello girls - I have missed you! So glad to hear you have been looking after you mummy and daddy during this sad time and have been good girls for them. What a lovely post - you are both cute AND pretty! Love your bling you lucky girls! And Fatty - loving your hair bands, with your lovely long ears you look like you're wearing bunches, super cute! BFN - Nemo.

Eric said...

JD and Max - We miss Stephy a lot. Hehe we havent been that busy - but we do bug our Daddy and Mummy to bring us out. We try to stay real quiet - with the occasional barks or two or three or four or maybe a bit more when we are in the bags... the viciousness... mmmm... errmmm no comments. And yea... we love our necklaces too!!!!!

Eric said...

Kareltje =^.^= - thanks for the comment!

Sam Schnauzer - i wont bite you if u r nice to me! Hehehehe...

Nemo - yeahhh we miss you too!!!! We try to look after them n make sure they are not naughty. Hehehe the hair bands? Nah they are like ribbons really.. hehehe... make me look so pretty...


magiceye said...

hey girls you sure are living it up! enjoy!!

Pet Pride

Dianne said...

happy is good, especially when sad is around
happy pushes sad away

I love the photo Joe took, you two are great models

hugs to all

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