Friday, July 31, 2009

Off For Our Weekly Shower :)

We got conned again! Early morning when i woke up, mummy was extremely nice to me and little Ally.. Then she kept saying we are going 'kai kai' because we didn't go kai kai last night and of cos it made jolly happy..

So mummy got ready for work and then we got ourselves ready to jump into the car too.. When we were ready to head out, mummy opened the back door for me and Ally and we got in.. Then mummy was saying we are so smelly AND suddenly it struck me.. It's time for our daily shower this week and that's where we are going to.. IT'S SO NOT KAI KAI OK!!! But anyway, some photos to make  you laugh, smile and adores us :)

*looks left... where's ally?*
*push and squirming her way through Ally shouts "i'm here i'm here!"*
*then we both decided to jump to the front and sit on mummy's lap - no photo on this cos that time mummy was driving.. she only managed the shots when we were waiting at the traffic light.. so when she managed to snap us, we were sitting on the passenger seat already because we go bored of disturbing mummy..*
*ally: should i go to mummy again??? thinks hard!*
*Ally: ok, i guess not.. shows grumpy face.. fatty just ignores the whole situation and continues looking out the window.. i wonder what she's looking at.. ooi sis, lookie at the camera yo!*
*Ally: mummy tries to sneak in quickly into a a shot, but fatty ignores her further and turns more to look outside.. i wonder what she's looking at.. it's okay then! that means more kissy kissy of mummy for me! :D*

Hope you all had fun of our chronology to the groomers..

Love you lots!

Fatty & Ally 


Anya said...

So lovely post,
Cute shots,
you are such a sweeties :)

Kareltje =^.^=

JD and Max said...

Hi Girls - bet you're even prettier than ever now you've been to your shower! If that's possible of course! Hey, we like Fatty's red pendant, red is your colour Fatty. Hey - we've just tagged you in a game so please swing on by.
Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

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