Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Learned a NEW TRICK Today!

Today's blog post is a very short one - but a very good one.

Today I followed Daddy home to Daddy's place - and I was feeling a little hungry. Daddy usually plays 'chase the ball' with me - but today, I learned something new! Its call 'Catch the Ball' - and the catch here is 'I caught them in midair!'

I think this is something that we all need to learn and master - so that we can all con and impress our Daddy and Mummy into giving us more TREATS!!! Hehehe...

So my fellow friends, watch and learn!

I did 12 catches consecutively in total.. hehehe...

Ooo.. I guess I felt a little full already, so reflexes dropped on the 13th bolo treat. Hehehee...



JD and Max said...

Fatty - you are truly an inspiration! Such grace, such agility, such skill - so many yummy treats! He he he! We are seriously impressed - so is female human as we can't catch ANYTHING! If our humans throw treats at us we let them bounce on our heads and then we give our humans SUCH a dirty look! How did your daddy train you to do this? We'd love to be half as impressive as you you see..... Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Sasha said...

Oh, Fatty! You are soooo talented!

I'm going to start teaching my human how to throw treats into my mouth, too!

Puppy kisses

Carolina said...

Very clever!

HOPE said...

Great Job!!! Don't tell my mom/person..but I'll pretend not to be hungry..and she'll got get a handful of my food and toss and catch game begins! hee hee...FUN.

She's always elated at how many I can catch like you!! We're just awesome Schnauzers that's it!!

Paws UP!
GREAT PICS of you all on your blog.

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