Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chilling with my Daddy...

On Saturday night, I followed Daddy back to his place. I was feeling very upset cos Daddy brought ALLY home the previous night - instead of me. But then he had made up for it by bringing me home.

...and so on Sunday, we were both chilling around in the living room - watching tv. Grandpapa and Grandmama were both busy and so on - Auntie Rachaelle was just busy snapping away photos of ME! Hehe... I should seriously charge her for the photographs - but then nevermind - time with my Daddy is worth it...

"See how my Daddy cuddles me up while watching tv?"
After a little while, Daddy got a bit lazy and sleepy I guess, and he soon tilted his body. I was still very fresh and energetic - hence I was sitting up... PLUS, I was posing for Auntie Rachaelle...

"I'm just so adorable..."

Then I woke Daddy up. I told him it was pretty much time to go home to Mummy.

"Ohh Daddy, you want a little kiss from me?"

"Here it is... mmm I think Daddy havent brushed his teeth yet. I can still smell last night's dinner! Hehehe but I guess its okay, as I havent brushed my teeth this week either!"

After the little kiss, we continued watching tv. But I was getting very impatient and excited about going home to see Mummy. I cant wait to get my morning hugs and cuddles from Mummy - its a daily routine - and I cant bear to miss it even one day!

"Hey Auntie - enough with the camera already ok!"
I'm gettin tired of posing. Mmm... and now, I'm getting tired from blogging too. So, good night!


Oskar said...

So you have a dad persons house AND a mom persons house. Sounds like more places to cuddle and get love!

Eric said...

hey Oskar,

yeahh we do have a Daddy's place and Mummy's place. Our Daddy and Mummy are not married yet - but we know that might come soon. When they do walk down the aisle, then we'll all be staying together full time!

Fatty & Ally

Oskar said...

Oh how exciting a wedding would be!

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