Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Birthday - The Final Part: The BIG SURPRISE!

Hehehe we apologize for the slight delay in posting up Part 5 of our great birthday celebration.. Daddy and Mummy had been super busy the past few days and even we did not get much 'going out' time with them. Anyways, without further ado, here's what happened during dinner...


Hungry stomachs will get hungrier..

hence, I suggest you eat a full meal before reading on.

..and so, it was dinner time.

Fatty: I was sitting attentively at the dinner table, waiting to see whats the surprise that Mummy had been talking about for us. Mmm... what a long wait..

Ally, being the short one, waited as well...

Ally: Hey... I might be short, but I am CUTE!!! *grins* Fatty Fatty!! Can you see or smell what Daddy and Mummy have as a surprise for us?

Fatty: I think I can smell it... it should be something good... Daddy, how about a little teaser?

And then Daddy gave a little teaser for Fatty..

Fatty: Ohh yummy... I know what it is already!!!

..and then to Ally too.

Ally: YES!! I know what it is too!!!

Tonight's dinner... is not our regular dinner. IT IS....

TAA DAHHH!!! Steam chicken!!!

...and PORK BALLS TOO!!!!!

...and then Daddy took the time to split up and divide the chicken meat equally and fairly...

"Daddy, there really isnt the need for the trouble...


Ohh whats that on the table?

Ally: I think its cucumbers...

Fatty: We hate cucumbers...

Lets take a closer look... okay, no cucumbers in there. ITS SAFE TO DIG IN NOW!

"Are the portions equal?"

Ally was getting all impatient already, and she waited and waited...

While she waited, I supervised Daddy carefully to make sure he doesnt give Ally more.

Soon after, we had our dinner... Daddy took like 10 minutes to distribute it, but we took less than 1 minute to gobble everything down.. ahhh what a satisfying dinner... and then...

Fatty seem to spot something!!!!


It looks like something is suffocating inside.... Mmmmm...


Mummy and Daddy went to the local Baskins Robbins store and got us non-chocolate ICE CREAM CLOWN CONES as our BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!

Ally: I'm taking the one on the left as it looks bigger!!!

Fatty: I'm taking the right one cos its closer to me!!!

Fatty: Lets see how my cone looks like.. the clown looks so cute, its almost considered murder if I eat it. But if I dont, I'm doing no good to myself... mmm decisions decisions...

Ally: Yes this is MINE!!! All MINE!!! My precious!!!!

Fatty: I've decided that I'll eat it. After all, if I dont, it'll melt right?

We would have loved to share the cake with our readers out there, especially Sasha who's like facing super hot temperature out there and our best pals JD and Max, but then we think that the ice cream would melt... mmm its the thought that counts right?

So... lets EAT IT NOW before it melts!

Ally: I had a good share of the waffle cone.. it was nice!

Fatty: I had a good bite too.. hehehehe...

It tasted so goodddddd......

Ally: Hey Daddy!!! Go try Fatty's... dont steal MINE!!!

Daddy was afraid that the 'eyes' were made of chocolate, and he licked off the eyes... hehe... we're sure that a lil chocolate wont do harm to us, wont it?

...then the ice cream scoop was dropped into our bowls, and we enjoyed finishing up... hehehe...

Oooo its cold, but its SOOO YUMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

So, here's a picture of both of us... hehehe...

Fatty: Happy Birthday ALLY!!!

Ally: Happy Birthday FATTY!!!

Fatty & Ally: Happy birthday to US!!!! *grins*

We love our Daddy and Mummy... we love you both long time!!!!!

Loves & Hugs,
Fatty & Ally

p.s. how we wish everyday was our birthday... hehehe...


The Schnauzer Brothers said...

Hi Girls! Oh, we've been waiting and WAITING for post 5 of 5! Wow, what a wonderful birthday meal, our mouths are watering...mmmmmm! When we saw your birthday ice creams we marched our humans STRAIGHT over to read it also as we're now expecting this for our birthday next month, he he he! We bet Sasha will too! We're so glad you enjoyed it all - great photos - and how sweet of you to think about sharing with us! :) Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Nellie and Calvert said...

Oh my.... those B&R cones look amazing; you guys have truly figured out how to really celebrate a birthday! We are so happy that you had such a wonderful time, but I'm sure the bestest gift was spending time with your pawrents.

We'll be celebrating Savannah's 3rd Bday on October 1st along with Calvert's 6month Bday... ice cream looks like the way to go. Thank you so much for all the great ideas; you shoudl be pawty planners!


Diana said...

I suppose this must be the best part of your birthday...fooooood...yummmmmmmy.....

- Santa and Minnie

Oskar said...

Oh heavens, your people have set the scale very high. I'll be expecting some fresh meat for my birthday. And ice cream clowns??? You guys must be in heaven!

Happy, happy birthday to both of you!

Eric said...

JD and Max - we're glad you liked it! And we believe that u all deserve an ice cream cone each!!!

Nellie & Calvert - we're flattered to be pawty planners... how bout lets plan a party for u two?

Santa & Minnie - yes... this is the most yummy part!!!!

Oskar - hehehe fresh chicken would be good - but do ask for 'breast meat' only... the thigh and drumstick would be too oily... hehehe...

♥玮倩 said...

Happy Belated Birthday Fatty & Ally, sry that i'm a lil too late. Have a great weekend :]

best regards

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