Saturday, September 12, 2009


Remember when JD and Max spotted Scarlet Puppynickel terrorizing their place? We encountered the same thing too!!!!!! And as JD had put it - the Puppynickel is a master of disguise!!!!

We thought he looked like this...


He disguised himself as something else this time round - and it does look like ME!!!!!

You see, it was in the car a few days ago; I was sitting in the back seat, just checking out the surroundings, when suddenly...

I didnt know what happened - but it must have happened in a split second!!!

Suddenly the tissue were all torn around me...

I looked at the floor - but SCARLET PUPPYNICKEL had left already!

Oh no.. how am I going to explain to Daddy about this?

Will he trust my innocence? Or will he think I am SCARLET PUPPYNICKEL???

Daddy, I'm INNOCENT!!!!

...and I CAN PROVE IT!!!!!

Check out the video that Mummy took - I am looking so tired and sleepy; how would I be able to tear all the tissue apart? Its DEFINITELY NOT ME!!!!!


This is serious business!!!



JD and Max said...

Hi Ally - Oh No!! How awful - that darstardly puppynickel - will he never be stopped! He is indeed the master of disguise - he's now infiltrated as Vodka, Sasha, both of us (even JD - gasp!!), Oskar, Calvert and Minnie. We have to say though - we've never seen the puppynickel look so pretty....he he he! We hope your daddy understand that it wasn't you! Schnauzer snugges - JD and Max.

JD and Max said...

Hi Fatty and Ally! How are you? Did your daddy understand about the darstedly scarlet puppynickel? We hope so!

Our humans would like to ask your mummy and daddy a few questions if that's okay. They need to sort out a hotel for their visit to KL in February next year - what part of the city is the best for convenience for SHOPPING?! Our female human wants to have her hair permenantly straightened - do they do that in KL? She usually has it done in Bangkok....

They do hope that they can maybe meet your mummy and daddy - and even you two girls! - when they visit. We have a few ideas of some pressies we'd like them to deliver to you two gorgeous ladies from us!!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Oskar said...

Damn that Scarlet Pupppynickel! Excuse my strong language, but this traitor to dog-kind needs to be stopped!

Rest is suggested for the recovery.

Eric said...

Hey JD and Max..

Hehehe i think we have immunity. Hehehe...

With regards to the hair straightening, yes they do it here. In fact, pretty much at any hair salons.

As for the shopping places in KL, it depends on what type of shopping u r looking at.

Malaysia is quite a shopping and food haven - ranging from the mass market items (such as Zara, MNG, Top Shop and others) to the higher range ones (LV, Gucci, Prada and so on) to the dirt cheap ones (those like flea market) and so on.

Do let us know how long u gonna be here and how much is your daily hotel budget.. one thing here is that... a luxury 5 star hotel smacked right in town centre, u can get easily for say, RM500 a night - thats less than 90 pounds only. (My Daddy used to study in London - he says 90 pounds u r only good for a B&B in Central London... hehe)

do let us know...

Fatty and Ally

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