Sunday, September 20, 2009

Arthur & His 250th Birthday.

Couple of days ago, Daddy and Mummy went out to our favourite restaurant, Sid's to meet up with their friends - sadly, they didnt bring us. Anyways, today's post is not so much related to us, but to our Daddy and Mummy.

At Sid's, they met up with Uncle Kenny @kennysia - or better known as 'Arthur Guinness' here.

Uncle Kenny was giving out tickets - some special tickets to some concert. And Daddy was in hand to answer some questions to win these tickets!!!

As a result, Daddy won!!! And he won two tickets - too bad he cant bring us along, otherwise it would be our first concert!

Ohh... what did he win?

VIP Passes to BLACK EYE PEAS!!!!

Anyways, we are wondering one thing... can you imagine if 250 years ago, Arthur Guinness actually had a Schnauzer instead of a Bulldog?

The old Guinness logo looked like this...

But if he had a Schnauzer, we think the logo would look very much like this!!





Oskar said...

Oh the Guiness looks much better with a schnauzer, but really doesn't everything??

JD and Max said...

Hi Girls - oh yes, we definately agree that the Guiness logo is much improved with a Schnauzer, he he he! Your lucky daddy - we hope he enjoys the concert. Our humans are a little bit jealous, he he he!

By the way - our humans apologise for not getting back sooner about their KL trip. As they spend so much time outside of the hotel when they travel they usually go for mid-range hotels. They're currently looking at the Novotel - is this okay for shops do you know?! They like markets and most shops - they don't 'do' brand shops though. Female human gets a bit ratty about Prada and Gucci after her experiences of working in London and the 'it' crowd, he he he!

We reckon female human will be looking out for spas and hairdressers whilst male human will be looking for cinemas and tech/gadget shops! They're looking forward to visiting and hope they get a chance to meet you and your humans!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Jaclyn said...

yes yes we've seen Novotel KL when we follow Daddy to his construction projects in the city. it is indeed very strategic. we shall do a blog post for your humans very soon. do come back soon!

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