Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our Day at the Park.

Hey our beloved friends!!!!!!!!!

Last weekend we followed Daddy and Mummy to the park at Desa ParkCity. We were very excited as Daddy brought along some 'toys'... hehehe not our toys though, but then again, we stake our claim on all of Daddy's toys! Whatever is his, is OURS!!!

My sister Fatty was being very happy and delighted; she was so ever willing to snap photos with Daddy...

..Ohh by the way, here are Daddy's toys.

Basically its just remote control cars - but we love chasing it. We feel like we are SUPER FAST cos we are able to catch up with a MOVING CAR!!!

The white one belongs to Uncle Jedwei, and the red one was Daddy's.

Can you spot all the 'bite' marks on Daddy's car!??!????

Ohh.. and then a first for ME!!!

Today I also met up with Uncle Jedwei's baby daughter, I think she's only about 10 months old. Pretty small sized, probably same as I am.. *grins* (after all, I am very small!!!!!)

Here's a picture of me greeting small lil baby girl to the park!!!


I hope I didnt scare her there. Hehehe..


Check it out!!!


Oskar said...

Human puppies are very cute unless they try to pull your hair!

Sylvia K said...

Oh, hooray! Another doggie like me! And you're as cute as me, too!

Sam Schnauzer

Eric said...

hehehe Sam Schnauzer,

we think that INSTEAD of we're as cute as u, maybe you're as cute as us! Hehehe cos we believe we are much older than u... hehehe...

Eric said...


Our Mummy only let Ally go near the lil baby cos Ally is much more tame. If I went near, then I think the baby would pull my hair.

And perhaps, I would growl at her.

Or maybe a little bite.


magiceye said...

must have been a fun day and your daddy sure has a lovely car! you must sure enjoy chewing it!


Pet Pride

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