Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Weekend.

So, it was a long weekend indeed. Mummy isnt around, she's still on holiday. Eeesh. We had a long weekend - a very eventful one in fact. Lets give you all a little bit by bit of our long weekend...

Firstly, we slept over at Daddy's. We have realized where Daddy secretly brings Stephy away during the weekends.. its to his place!!! So nice Daddy's room - got air cond... got nice fan... so clean... not dusty at all...

Stephy: Yeah.. and I got to share that privilege with the two monkeys just because Mummy isnt around!!!

Ally: Hehehe... I got to sleep comfortably on Daddy's blanket... hehe...

Fatty: I was better - I slept directly on Daddy's bed!!!!! It was just so comfortable and cooling...

Fatty: But then we were somehow more keen to explore Daddy's room...

...while Ally sleeps like a pig..

Fatty: Stephy has this throne too at Daddy's place... a nice little bean bag sofa chair which she slept in... I'm not letting her have all the fun... I'm grabbing this spot...

Stephy: NO FAIR... you took my sofa and then you also took Daddy's nice comfy tummy on Sunday too!!!!

Ally: Yealor... not fair at all...
Fatty: Hehehe... I cant blame if I am such a good girl right? *grins*
Ally: You had the best view of the television... but too bad, grandpa didnt wanna sayang you...
Fatty: Who say?

Stephy: We both say so... you were NOT OBEDIENT ok...

Fatty: I was!!!!

Ally: You were not... I saw you... you bit grandmama at the kitchen!!!!!!

Stephy: Not to mention you tried to attack grandpa too!!! No wonder he didnt sayang you!

Fatty: Okay... just that, but apart from that, I was all good ok!!!

Anyways, on Sunday, Daddy brought us out to Desa ParkCity for our regular walks. We met up with many other Miniature Schnauzers too... hehehe... so cute of them! And one of the aunties there brought us cake!!! Hehehe... so nice!
But too bad it had to rain... we had to stop by at Coffee Bean...

Stephy: Yeah... and I was the most loved one.. cos I am just so cute!!!
Ally: So was I! Fatty was just too busy trying to pick a fight with just about every other of our friends there....

Fatty: But Daddy was sayang-ing me the most!!! He carried me in my cute little irritating bag!
Then it was time to go home. After our tiring shower on Saturday, an interesting night at Daddy's room and a good run around Desa ParkCity, we were well too tired....
We went straight to bed in the car....
Hehe... adios for now, c ya all soon.
All 3 of us!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lucky Stephy.

Hey my fellow fans!!!!

Yes to the topic, cos myself and Ally both think that Stephy is super lucky. Why? I'll explain why.

Do you remember the little cute bags that Daddy and Mummy bought for us last time? Its just so cute right? and to think that becos of those bags, we can go out more often now... ha.. ha.. ha.. so naive of us.

Anyways, mine is yellow colour and I like yellow better.

Ohh... I forgot to mention this... we're sleeping over at Daddy's tonight cos Mummy is away on holiday AGAIN! My Mummy ar... anyways, nevermind, today's post is our complains on our Daddy.

Those bags you see above... our Daddy actually has another motive.

He told usthreatened us that if we are naughty tonight, he'll do the following.

Oh my.. at first I thought it was damn funny to see Ally hanging...

That truly gives us all a new meaning of 'hanging around'... hehe...

But then I thought it was just Ally. Daddy tried it out on ME!

Daddy was being very nasty.... eeeeshhh....

...and he even made me smile for the camera!!!

Mmm... and then guess what?

Remember the first picture? (scroll up if you must...)

Its actually LIKE THIS!!!!!

Daddy hung BOTH of us together...

Okay Daddy, I promise I wont be naughty tonight ok... hehehe...




Back to the title...

So... do you know why STEPHY is SO LUCKY!!?!?!?!????



By the way, we didnt win the McValue photo contest. Now Daddy thinks its a scam cos we didnt win. We think so too - after all, we are super cute right?

Missing our Mummy,

p.s. we'll be making our guest appearance at the Miniature Schnauzer Gathering tomorrow at Desa ParkCity at 4.30pm-ish... come and see us ok!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Upset.

Today's post will be a short post.


Cos' I'm upset. Really upset.

You can tell that I am upset.

Do you know why I am UPSET?
Cos Mummy is FLYING OFF AGAIN!!! Thats like her 10th time in 2 years or something! Eeesshhh... this time, she's going off to BALI in Indonesia, where Daddy's maid comes from. No mum mum expected from Bali as they are not so famous for doggie stuffs. Eeeshhh again!


p.s. our only consolation is Daddy is not going. At least he can come see us.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Myself & Mummy.

Mmm remember when I mentioned about a photoshoot the other day? Here's a little sneak preview of the photoshoot. I was not the main star for the day - it was Mummy of course. However, I had a fair share of the photos with Mummy hehehe...







Mmm whats this?

Mummy getting married?

Hehehe... no lah.. Daddy havent proposed yet. But its for wedding photography though.

Mummy said when she and Daddy get married, I will definitely be in the photos. Hehehe...


p.s. Uncle Joe - faster send the rest of the photos to Daddy lah...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Have You McValue LUNCH-ed This Week?

*note* this is going to be a very long post.

Good afternoon people. My name is Fatty. I am a Miniature Schnauzer - generally its what you humans call as a 'dog'. This post is generally started by me, but since Stephy and Ally wanted to add in too, I'll just let them. Anyways, this post is regarding my favourite foods. Yes... you have it right. Its the M place. You call it McDonalds!

Oh... by the way, in case you havent met my mother; this is Stephy.

She's a big McDonalds fan lover too!!!

So, here we are. As Daddy and Mummy both promised us all, we were supposed to go to get our McValue lunches today. Ohh... before I go, let me check if the neighbour wants some too...

"Hey you... are you there?"

After awhile, it seems like no one's home. I guess we shall not wait. Lets head out now!

...and off I go..

When its food, Stephy gets excited.

When its McDONALDS, all of us get EXTRA EXCITED!!!

Anyways, since we cant exactly go into McDonalds and order our food, we had to make use of Daddy - and his car especially; cos we opted for the drive-through method to order our food... Hehehe...

"Hey... I'm going for my McValue lunch. You want some?"

Stephy who's usually always sleeping - decides she wants some too.

Stephy: Let me train a bit first... "I want a... large fries... and a... burger... Big Mac?"

Fatty: Hey Stephy, I'm ordering here ok! Not YOU!

Anyways, soon after, Daddy started driving off. The journey felt like sooooo long and we were anticipating and anticipating and waited and waited... it was beginnin to feel like its damn far...

But then, before we knew it...

We see our favourite M place... McDONALDS!!!!

Yeyyy... to JD and Max, in case you come down to Malaysia, the words below the 'M' is Selamat Datang - also known in English as WELCOME!!!

Welcome to McDonalds!!!

Ally: Hey... where's the counter?

Fatty: You blur Ally! We are not in USA... Malaysian cars are right hand driven lahhh!!!

Ally: Ohhh okay... I wanna order! One Filet-O-Fish McValue LUNCH pls!

But what she didnt know was... Stephy and Fatty were secretly planning something else in the backseat...

Stephy: (whispering) Okay Fatty... you have to kick Ally away...

Fatty: (whispers back) Okay okay.. will do. So what do you wanna eat?

Stephy: I think I'll have a Filet-O-Fish McValue LUNCH.

Fatty: Is that all? Cos I'm having McChicken McValue LUNCH.

Stephy: It should be okay for me...

"Okay Ally, I'm taking over here..."

Stephy was thinkin to herself... mmm... "I'm spoilt for choice... How ar?"

Stephy: On second thoughts, I think I'll have a McChicken McValue too.

By that time, Ally had to go to the back. She and Stephy were watching attentively to make sure their orders were not forgotten.

After the orders were received, Ally did a quick inspection.

Ally: Okay... thats my Filet-O-Fish McValue there.. and Stephy's and Fatty's McChickens too...

Soon after... we got home. So, it was time for 'mum mum'!!!!!

Stephy: That's MINE!

Fatty: Fine with me. I'll book my McChicken McValue first...

Fatty: Mummy, are you done? I'm hungry already!!!

So, we had to take a group photo first...

Everyone had to pose like Fatty - looking left.

Stephy: Mmmm it smells good...

Ally: I think I look better like this..

Fatty: Faster eh... I'm hungry already...


Stephy: (note Stephy's eyes) Fatty's fries looks like more than mine!!!

...mmm maybe I could steal some when Fatty's not looking...

Stephy: Okay... maybe not... it looks quite equal, UNLESS Daddy stole some from mine.

Ally: Can I start now? I'm already gettin thirsty from this entire photo shoot...

Ohh... just in case we forget, this post will be submitted for the McDonald's Have You McValue LUNCH-ed this week contest... and just in case the judges were wondering, the meals that we ordered are real... here's the pic of the burgers... with us of course.

Fatty: But not for long... it'll be gone when we start eating.

Mummy says we have to eat slowly.. and she also said she'll feed us... grrr... why the hassle!???

"Ally being the youngest had the 1st piece of fries..."

But she had to do some tricks first. Heeeheee....

Stephy: I couldnt wait - so I went second.

Fatty: I had to wait... eeeshhhh... but I still got my share.

Daddy and Mummy, when are we eating the burgers?????

Mummy fed Ally her Filet-O-Fish... hehehe...

Stephy: Actually that looks good too. How again ar? Should I beg for some? Or should I stick to my McChicken. Decisions decisions...

"Let me try some... mmmm yummmyyyzzzz!!!"

So... to end this already very long post, we would like to conclude with our group picture.

"Baa daa baa daa baaaa... WE'RE LOVING IT!!!"


We meant...


love and kisses,
AllyStephy, Fatty and Allyyyyyy.