Friday, July 31, 2009

Off For Our Weekly Shower :)

We got conned again! Early morning when i woke up, mummy was extremely nice to me and little Ally.. Then she kept saying we are going 'kai kai' because we didn't go kai kai last night and of cos it made jolly happy..

So mummy got ready for work and then we got ourselves ready to jump into the car too.. When we were ready to head out, mummy opened the back door for me and Ally and we got in.. Then mummy was saying we are so smelly AND suddenly it struck me.. It's time for our daily shower this week and that's where we are going to.. IT'S SO NOT KAI KAI OK!!! But anyway, some photos to make  you laugh, smile and adores us :)

*looks left... where's ally?*
*push and squirming her way through Ally shouts "i'm here i'm here!"*
*then we both decided to jump to the front and sit on mummy's lap - no photo on this cos that time mummy was driving.. she only managed the shots when we were waiting at the traffic light.. so when she managed to snap us, we were sitting on the passenger seat already because we go bored of disturbing mummy..*
*ally: should i go to mummy again??? thinks hard!*
*Ally: ok, i guess not.. shows grumpy face.. fatty just ignores the whole situation and continues looking out the window.. i wonder what she's looking at.. ooi sis, lookie at the camera yo!*
*Ally: mummy tries to sneak in quickly into a a shot, but fatty ignores her further and turns more to look outside.. i wonder what she's looking at.. it's okay then! that means more kissy kissy of mummy for me! :D*

Hope you all had fun of our chronology to the groomers..

Love you lots!

Fatty & Ally 

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday.

(spot the Schnauzer...)

Naughty Ally

This is a super short post with a few liners.. :)

Just that that it was super funny because as usual this morning we woke up and grandmama called us to the kitchen for our staple diet of bread for breakfast (1 piece each)

So grandmama will tear the bread into pieces for each on of us so that we can chew them nicely and not have the hassle of tearing it on our own (so sweet!) and little Ally will as usual pile them up together like a mountain and keep begging for more. Then when she realizes grandma doesn't have anymore she will then run around the house for a few rounds - kiss mummy, ask for carry, etc AND THEN only shall she start eating her bread.

Today, she did the same but only this time mummy had something in her hand and was munching on some human snacks - naughty Ally thought that she would be able to snacker a few from mummy and only later enjoy the bread that she has mounted together.. And today is the day that i decided no more nice sister, so i gobbled down her mountain of bread :D

When she came back, she was searching frantically for it but of cos she couldn't find it! Poor girl, was so upset.. And grandmama say no more to Ally, must punish her for playing with her food and taking sooooooooooooooo long to finish... LOL! So funny!

*evil laugh*


Monday, July 27, 2009

Mirror Image Monday.

Do you all know what is this?

Daddy tells me that this is a hippopotamus.

..and he says sometimes I open my mouth like one.

Here's a good mirror image Monday picture!!!!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Week.

*Note* This is a very long post with lots of photos to cap our long week.

Hey our dear and beloved readers,

We're really sorry that we havent updated the blog in a whole week. It was a very sad week indeed - it was tough seeing Daddy and Mummy look so upset after what had happened, but we tried our very best to cheer them up. In fact, we had been good all week and hence, Daddy and Mummy had been extra nice to us too. So.. I'm going to make this post a happy post - hope all our readers will feel much more relieved and happier when they see this...

Lets see how we shall start...

Daddy bought this little bag just a short while ago - it was supposed to be for one of us lucky ones to go out with them to certain places that didnt allow doggies like us - in fact, I even went out with Daddy and Mummy to this shopping centre called Pavilion too in this bag...

Anyways, Ally and I were both stuffed into this little bag and we headed to this shopping centre called ONE UTAMA. It was such a huge place - and we ended up at this place called Pets More.

And guess what... Daddy bought ANOTHER BAG!!!!!!

First there's one... now there's two bags, for myself and Ally!

So we had been going out with Daddy and Mummy quite a lot the past few days. We had photos at some of those places, but not all of it though - really sorry.

On Thursday, we went to this place called CAFE CAFE, thats actually along Jalan Maharajalela - or something like that according to Daddy. (sorry we had no photo here - so we had to steal from somewhere else online) It was a nice restaurant - there was a lot of people and we had no choice but to sit in the bag as Daddy and Mummy were afraid we would scare off some people...

Then, on Friday, we went out to another place. This place was called SIDS - its actually a pub. Mummy brought us there to meet her friends Auntie Lainey and Uncle Kenny Sia. Once again we had no photos, but we promise we'll show you some next time. Daddy and Mummy are very keen to go there again as we were given a very warm welcome there. In fact, we even got Mummy and Auntie Lainey free drinks!!!!!

Then on Saturday, Mummy and Daddy brought us to visit Uncle Joe at Hartamas Square. He was holding a little event called Fun(d) My Lens - and we got to become guest models for him.

Here's a little photo of us together - taken by Uncle Joe.

See how cute we are!!!! Hehehe... of cos, we got our treats too!

Then after the little photo shoot, I was just chilling around with Mummy's friends - and met up with this aunty, who was surprisingly not scared of me. She was just parading me around and carrying me... hmmm...

Ally: Obviously she hasnt seen how vicious you can be!

Ohh.. since we are talking about viciousness, let me show you how vicious I can be...

See my beautiful teeth???

If you try to hurt any of my loved ones, I will attack you!!!!!

One more last warning for anyone of you ok!!!

Ohh.. before I forget, Daddy also showed that he loves us a lot a lot too... as much as how much he loves Mummy...

You see... Mummy has this little bracelet.

On the bracelet is 3 little charms (things that hang onto the bracelet...)

You see... ONLY 3!!!!

Mine has 7!!!!!!

See how pretty mine is on me... I'm such a pretty girl isnt it?

Ally has one too... and hers also has 7 little charms on it...

See... ours are much more colourful than yours Mummy..

We love you tons Daddy!!!! Thank you Daddy!!!!

Oh.. to cap it all, today we celebrated Uncle Kelvin's birthday. Uncle Kelvin is Aunty Rachaelle's boyfriend - it was an eventful week indeed. Uncle Kelvin is father to our lil annoying cousin, Tinkerbell.

Happy birthday Uncle Kelvin...

Okay... I'm getting sleepy already. Will try to update more soon.

Love ya all,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In Loving Memory of Stephy.

Today, a very loving daughter and mother of three left us. She was going to be 5 years old next month; but my guess is its all fate.....

It was very tragic; she left us in such a hurry and now is on her way to heaven to be with Uncle, the children's father.


I pray and pray that heaven for you is full of treats, food, sweets, ice cream, cold drinks and a big field and garden for you to run around in and a healthy sunshine for you to suntan in.

We will always always remember you for who you are, and who you became.

You were the small one who was superactive when we first saw you.

The moment we brought you home - you just became the lazy cute one like now.

You grew up in our love and care.

Everyone who knew you became your admirers.

You were the best there is - the best there was - and the best there ever will be.

There will only be one Stephy - and thats YOU.

Stephy Yong a.k.a. Menghengken Rosy Girl.

2004 - 20th July 2009.

We will always love you.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Picture Of The Week.

Peekaboo I see you@!

Hey all, guess which one of us this is and see if you got it right :p

I bet by now all our followers would be able to tell us apart.. Hehehehe *laughs cheekily*

The Schnauzer girls.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Like Mummy Like Daddy...

We always wondered the reason whenever we did anything funny there is always a comparison to Mummy or Daddy..

So we thought that it would be awfully funny if we listed the things that we did that could imitate our actions as similar to our parents.. Lol..

Stephy loves to eat, like Daddy


Fatty loves to go kai kai, like Mummy

*Daddy hurry! Lesgooooooo!!!!!*

Ally is very whiny, like Daddy

*Why did my elephant move?!?!? Who touched it??!?!?*

Stephy loves to exercise, like Mummy

Fatty is very ferocious, like Mummy

*whooooopssss* wrong photo.. hehehe that doesn't justify me as being ferocious.. I guess mummy and daddy prefers me the friendly side rather, so they can't find any nice angry photos of me to post up.. :I

Ally is annoying, like Daddy

*Daddy... Daddyyyyy... DAdddyyyYYyYYyY!!!! I want MorEeReEREEeEeeee*

Stephy is lazy, like Daddy

*hehehe and so it ALLY!!!*

Fatty is very cheeky, like Mummy

*nehhhhh now you can take picture with my cute face in the frame tooo!*

Ally is always seeking for attention, like Daddy

*Mummmy, don't take picture without me ok? Or i'll just keep coming :P*

Stephy is a poser, like Mummy


Fatty is cute, like Mummy

Ally is always nosy, like Daddy

Stephy farts A LOT, like Daddy


Fatty is greedy, like Daddy

Last but not least...

Ally is fussy, dunno like who!?!?! :D

*smells* Is that Blackwood? Or Science Diet? Or Avoderm? Wassit? If it's either one of them, i refuse to eat my food!! *hmph*


Hope you had fun reading this post that is filled with pictures elaborating our various attitudes and behaviours..


The Schnauzer Girls

Friday, July 17, 2009

NSFW!!!!! Bikini Shots!


This post is STRICTLY NSFW!!!






Aiks... whats this??? Hehehe...

Got you there eh? Hehehe...

Mummy went to Bali and got me this shirt.. hehe... sorry for the little false warning - I just do not want certain sexy shots to be seen by the under-aged... and in this case, most of you readers ARE underaged!

Especially JD and Max.


Jimbo too.

Twinkle should be old enough I think.

Santa's definitely underaged.

Hehehe... speaking of age, do you know that I am already 4 years old!???!???? (thats 28 years!)

But I reckon I'm smaller sized than most of you.. Its not easy for me to keep my figure like this and maintain small and petite size ok.. hehehe...

Do leave me your comments.



p.s. by the way, Mummy will be taking orders cos she's going to Hong Kong... AGAIN!!!