Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Animal Road Kill.

Let me tell you all what happened on Sunday..

Yayyyyy it was the weekend and after the overnight stay at Daddy's place (plus the tons of head rubs and yummilicious treats from grandmama) i headed home..

We were waiting for mummy to come back from Myoga and daddy tried to be funny and conned me and fatty into wearing this weird thing on our back.. Not yummy or nice smelling and i cant reach to the back and bite it.. Dont like it at all! Lucky ally didnt have to wear hers (there are 3 of them and one for each of us in different colors - mine is red, fattys is green and allys is yellow!) but then daddy got hold of the ever jumpy ally and stuffed her into a funny sack and strapped it onto his shoulders and started walking with allly dangling around.. *i think i'd prefer the funny bag on my back rather than the latter*

Then daddy brought us for a drive in his car and we enjoyed the aircond whilst waiting... When mummy came home, she was screaming with joy and amusement (honestly, nothing nice about that! Mummy gets excited really easily - i guess ally got that from her).. Then she whipped out the camera and started getting too trigger happy.. Damn these digital gadgets!

Mummy got onto the car and daddy drove us to Ikano Power Center for our teethbrushing session with uncle adrian.. *shivers* not one of my favourite things to do.. But we were awarded with yummy jelly's from Q-Jelly shop.. *tadaaaa* an array of jelly animals.. *slurps* that's where mummy brought me to choose my elephant jelly cake for my birthday.. Miss it sooooooooo much! *sayang mummy*

After that we headed back to the car and mummy was being eco-friendly and decided not to grab a plastic bag for our jellys.. But an accident happened! I was so devastated! Mummy actually dropped the box of jelly animals and 3 pf them fell out!! *bad mummy* (look at the poor animals lying on the road..) Fatty was so unhappy too! She refused to get into the car (whilst i peeped from in the car cos mummy had to stuff me in and try to salvage the rest of the animals!) she was just standing there staring at the animals.. I bet you folks can feel the disappointment that we felt!

Then daddy stuffed all of us into the car and ran off whilst mummy sat with us with the remaining animals and whipped out her camera and took the photos you saw earlier.. Not long after, daddy returned to the car with more animals and a plastic bag to keep it this time *we love you long time daddy - slurps*

Ally waiting as daddy arrives with our surprise.. :)

Mummy says that we all benefited from the road kill, as we all get an additional animal each! *wooohoooo*

Let us tempt you with some yummy jelly photos and us enjoying ourselves!

Do go to the shop and try out the jelly, it's yummy! The pandan flavor is just bark-a-licious!
Thank you mummy! Thank you daddy!


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