Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Irritated with Mummy and Daddy.

This post is actually a conversation between the three of us.

Fatty: I just cant believe it! Mummy just told me that she is going to this stupid other country called Hong Kong.. AGAIN! And this time its bad - scratch that, i mean worse! She is bringing Daddy along with her...

What about us?!?! *growls* we never get to go anywhereeee..

If daddy is here, at least we get to go back and stay with him in the aircond room.. But now we are stuck here... :(

Stephy: oh shuddup, mummy and daddy always bring u out in that big thing with four wheels called a car..

Ally: yeah yeah!

Fatty: No! Thats's not true.. Mummy brings you out more than me, and u get to go to restaurants.. while i stay home with stupiak ally..

Ally: yeah yeah

Stephy: That's cos you always bark at others and have majorily defensive disorder!!! (wow! I sound too smart, maybe mummy is right when she calls me a smart girl every time i do something she asks)

Ally: yeah yeah!

Fatty: Enough already ally! No more yeah yeah from you.. sigh..

Ally: Hmmmph i will go and hide under the bed now.. *hmphhhhh*

So that's the story of what happened when i found out.. I hope that this time, other then clothes and bed and accesories, mummy will be me lots of threats and toys to make up for the lost time..


P.S. : I heard Mummy is going to Bali next month... Another emo post on that!


Santa said...

So who's going to be with you when both daddy and mummy are away?

Eric said...

there's still Grandmama who gives us breakfast every morning...


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