Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Uh oh! We Made Mummy ANGRY!

Sorry that I havent been blogging for awhile - was busy setting up my other blog page - petswithblogs.blogspot.com - this is one page for all of us out there, whether we are doggies or not!

Today was a good evening because it didnt rain, so mummy decided to bring us to our favourite place for walks (Desa Parkcity) but then we made her very angry in the process..

Firstly it was Fatty's fault! She jumped out of the car and started running away without mummy! She wouldnt stop and mummy was very angry cos she was calling and calling fatty but the stupid sister of mine refused to listen (nearly got banged by ongoing cars - mummy is very paranoid about that after our real daddy; Uncle got ran over by a car and died 3 months ago).. Then mummy told me and stephy to stay whilst she ran after fatty but stephy got excited and jumped down running the opposite way!

Wow! Mummy was furious and screaming at all of us (I was innocent!) then when she got hold of all of us, we started our walk around the park.. But then Fatty and Stephy werent synchronised today as they usually are so they keep making Mummy trip.. Bad move people! Baddddd moveeee... Then mummy gave each of us a smack on the bumbum (hey, no my fault! Those two were out of sync, so i lost my rhythm too.. So you cant blame me!)

Then after walking for a long while, the sun was about to set and mummy decided that its time for us to camwhore (we did a pretty good job on that - hence she wasnt mad at us anymore) BUT stupid Fatty did it again!

She decided to give one of the joggers a nice bite on his leg, luckily didnt bleed! Then Stephy lurged after him too, dunno whats her problem! Must be backside itchy! That spoilt Mummy's mood again! But luckily not long after that, Daddy called and said its time to go (note that Daddy was not around during the whole incident cos he was working, so Mummy had to handle all 3 of us on her own) so Mummy was relieved and brought us back to the car where she complained to daddy..

I heard her say that she is so angry and wont bring us here anymore *gasps* and Daddy joked and said if so naughty then sell us and mummy said disown us! *double gasps*

Mmmm... we better be good girls from now on and not spoil Mummy's day again..

On a lighter note:-
It's not only a bad day for mummy but its also not a good day for me! I was too bloaty! Stomach was full of gas and kept passing gas.. :( Mummy and Daddy just couldnt stop laughing at me! But i cant help it, my tummy just aint feeling too good!

*fart at Mummys face* laugh some more! Hmphhhhhhh!



JD and Max said...

Oh girls - please be good, we don't want anything bad to happen to you or for you to get hurt or run over. And Ally - we sympathise with the bloating problem. We ate half a loaf of bread last night that someone had left on the seafront for the seagulls - we got to it before our humans realised - but we've spent today feeling bloaty and our tummies aren't quite right....bleaurgh! Tail wags - JD and Max.

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