Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award.

We got an award!!!!!!!!!!!

To receive this award, especially from our new friend Santa, really make us very very happy!!! But there's a lil condition to this award... I havta tell you my 10 true things about myself....

1. I love my Daddy!!!!!

He also love me to bits! He buys me food, brings me out, takes me many places and he lets me sit on his lap!!!

2. I love staring out of the window!

3. I love to bark at other people - especially when I'm staring out of the window.

4. I'm very courageous - not afraid of thunder or lightning, not afraid of the rain. In fact, I'm not scared of anything at all!!!

5. I love to eat CHICKEN!!!!

From none other than KFC of course!!!

6. I love to go for walks!

7. I love to go KAI KAI!!!!!

8. I Love To Disturb My Daddy while he's driving!

Okay lah.. not exactly disturb him - but more like accompanying him; sitting on his lap... lying down on his lap with my head on his arms... yea... thats what I call comfort.

9. I love to sit NEXT to Daddy.

Yupz... when I'm not on Daddy's lap, I'm right next to him. I'm like the CO-DRIVER! Hahahahaha....

10. I love Stephy and Ally - I love them so much that I protect them everytime and anytime!!!

I'm supposed to tag some other people - but here, but I think Santa already tag all my friends. So, I'll just tag Stephy and Ally lah!



Santa said...

Oops, sorry Fatty!!

JD and Max said...

Hi brave Fatty - we loved reading your 10 honest scrap items and your photos are super cute. We're allowed to sit on our human's laps too when we're being REALLY good - it makes us feel all happy and smiley so we know just what you mean! We're looking forward to Stephy and Ally's 10 items now..... Tail wags - JD and Max.

Eric said...

hey... i just realized that JD and Max, being brothers are like me and Ally... we're SISTERS... hehehehe...


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