Friday, April 3, 2009

Sleeping on the Bed.

I always always enjoy sleeping on the bed with Mummy and Daddy (but sometimes Daddy takes up so much space) and Mummy might just squash me. Hehe... anyways, this time, I was sleeping next to the pillow with the irritating one, Ally. Eeeeshh!!!

But nevermind ler - she so small, can share with her a bit. This one can share a bit cos the bed is big - but Daddy or Mummy's lap while we go kai kai, nah!!!

Good nights!!!


p.s. thanks to all for all the compliments in the comments!


Santa said...

Where is Stephy? Where does she sleep?

Eric said...

she sleeps in her 'throne'.... the sofa chair that we got from Carrefour. see the posts regarding shopping for the girls..

anon said...

she has a pink princess bed too with cookie monster on it

jason86 said...


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