Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poor Mummy.

Hi all,

It's us again!

We're so happy that mummy and daddy are finally back from Hong Kong!!! *hiphip horrayyyyy* And they bought us tons of stuff (will post up the blogpost later to show you all the goodies that we received from them - and some are quite smart and useful buy).

After being away for so long, we all are veryyyy stinkyyyy *ewwwwwwwwws* cos grandmama didnt have the time to bring us to Pet Family for our weekly shower, so mummy has to bear with it for the night - cos she reached back too late and didnt make it in time for us to go for the shower *hoooraaaayyy* (we all hate showers :P)

That's not the only thing that poor mummy has to bear with... She says she put on weight after the Hong Kong trip and will be going on a diet (oh nooo! that means lesser food for us to beg from, which is really dreadful for all of us)

Have a look at some funny pictures of mummy - her funny Hong Kong friends laughed at her cos mummy is just so cute and hillarious! She told us that she actually brought a big big big pack of baby wipes over to Hong Kong and carried it, like how she always does when she goes out with us - so she can wipe wipe our mouth and bumbums... and her friends were laughing at her cos the pack is just SO HUGE~ (look at the photo) then also cos mummy is also very lazy (Daddy thinks that Stephy learnt this lazy at-three-boot from Mummy cos she's so lazy too!) to find smaller bottles to pack shampoo and conditioner, she brought the huge bottles along with her and they found it so amusing!

But mummy doesn't mind the laughters, cos she thinks its great fun and loves hanging out with her friends so it doesnt affect her at all.. Good job mummy! But all of us can't help but get irritated when you laugh at us, i guess this is one of the at-three-boots that we didn't learn from you! :P

Signing off with barks and licks,
Princess Stephy, Cheeky Fatty and Irritating Ally


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