Tuesday, April 14, 2009

OHHH NO!!!!!!

Sorry while the other two are busy blogging about awards, let me blog about my biggest WORRY!!!!!!!

Mummy went to buy more 'mum mum' the other day cos the stock at home was finishing. When she got into the car, I got a shock! She told Daddy that our favourite healthy and nutritious 'EAGLE PACK' no more - out of stock!!!

Oh no... I'm going to be so hungry!!!!!!!!!


But soon after, theres this guy who carried a huge bag that looked like 'mum mum'. But it was not Eagle Pack.

Mmm... lemme try to smell.

Cant smell much - but I know its our new mum mum.




JD and Max said...

Phew - we were quite worried there for a minute. Coming close to running out of supplies is a very traumatic time for ANY doggie! :-) Tail wags - JD and Max.

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