Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Story.

Let me tell you a bit on my history.. I was this cute adorable puppy that never smiled the first month i was back home with mummy and daddy.. Mummy used to call me emo girl and gives me extra attention compared to uncle - Mummy told Daddy she was worrid that i could not adapt to the new home (secretly, i'm just enjoying the attention)

Uncle had always been my partner in crime and whenever anything goes wrong, he takes the blame for me cos daddy says he is too cheeky and playful.. Daddy nv has the heart to smack him and mummy too! But mummy says we had to teach uncle a lesson and smacks uncles bumbum.. But uncle always thinks its a game, so its not so scary afterall! Woohooo..

Myself and Uncle in the bathtub!

Uncle, you may be gone - but we all miss you.

We shared the same bed, same chew toy and even food (baby carrot.. I just adore them cos its just so juicy and crunchy! *slurps*)

The old that was sold.

Then one day whilst mummy was washing her car and i had what humans call period.. Uncle raped me :( and thats how ally and fatty came about.. I had a son too, mummy named him Greedy cos he was super greedy! Always sucks onto my nipples to drink milk and will nv even let go even when i get up and start walking.. Mummy scolds me when i do that, but its not my fault! He didnt wanna let go wor.. So pain pain! Sobs! (greedy is called juju now, mummys friend auntie anna is taking good care of him now)

So dats the story how i got stuck with these two rascals.. Sigh....



SaSa said...

haha, obviously fatty looks alike uncle ,ally looks alike stephy :)

Eric said...

hehehehe isit?

we all think we are one of a kind! Hahahaha...


Jaclyn said...

see see i told u so@!

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