Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Not Us!!!

Mummy said one of her friends are selling baby poodles (miniature ones like us :P)

Do have a look at the photos and let us know if there are any of you or your friends who are interested.

They are so adorable, looks like Fatty and Ally when they were young - except those two monkeys were blacker and fatter hahaha - so don't think i want to have more kids but mummy said she misses having little babies she can pamper on to *hmph* like we are not enough.. Greedy mummy!

Some details of the miniature poodles:-
RM888 each, non-negotiable
Deposit: RM388; to be paid by 25th April (1st come 1st serve basis)
Official date of adoption: 1st May 2009
2 cream colored & 1 dark brown, males only

Do let mummy or daddy know ok?

There's only 3 of these cute babies, so they would go fast...



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