Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Made Daddy Angry Today!

Today Mummy sent us to Pet Family for our weekly shower; and then Daddy came and pick us up. Of course, we were done and ready at about 1.30pm but Daddy only came about 3pm cos he was working. Hehehe..

Anyways, when Daddy came that time, it was raining heavily and there was many loud 'THUNDER' sounds. When Daddy put me in the car, suddenly there was one loud sound - and then I panicked and just peed. Somemore I peed on his seat.

Poor Daddy...

He had to clean the seat in the rain. He looked very angry - but then he didnt scold me. I love you Daddy!

Fatty sat next to me to protect me...

Hehe... so nice of Fatty.

Oh... Stephy was panicking too - cos of the thunder sounds and also the car wipers.

Hehehe... sorry Daddy!



Santa said...

Oh you are so cute...who could be angry with you? I am sure your daddy isn't.

Eric said...

hehehe he looked angry, but he seemed more concerned about my well-being than anythin!

I was so scared lah of the thunder!


p.s. hey santa, will i see u tomoro?

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