Thursday, April 30, 2009

We're Sleeping At Daddy's Tonight!!!

So, today myself and Fatty got to see where Stephy goes to nowadays during the weekends. It turns out that its Daddy's place!!! I was hoping to see grandpapa but it turns out grandpapa went to holiday hehe... maybe thats why my fierce sister Fatty is tagging along this time...

Anyways, Mummy wants to use Daddy's laptop - so I'll end the post with photos!

Stephy and my relative, Mindy.

My aunty loves me to bits!!!

... and somehow after that it felt like she was molesting me... mmm...

Hey I'm cute!!!!

.. and for the last picture, a photo with Mummy!

Okay I will update more again soon yea... so please be patient and wait a little while. Perhaps later tonite...


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Animal Road Kill.

Let me tell you all what happened on Sunday..

Yayyyyy it was the weekend and after the overnight stay at Daddy's place (plus the tons of head rubs and yummilicious treats from grandmama) i headed home..

We were waiting for mummy to come back from Myoga and daddy tried to be funny and conned me and fatty into wearing this weird thing on our back.. Not yummy or nice smelling and i cant reach to the back and bite it.. Dont like it at all! Lucky ally didnt have to wear hers (there are 3 of them and one for each of us in different colors - mine is red, fattys is green and allys is yellow!) but then daddy got hold of the ever jumpy ally and stuffed her into a funny sack and strapped it onto his shoulders and started walking with allly dangling around.. *i think i'd prefer the funny bag on my back rather than the latter*

Then daddy brought us for a drive in his car and we enjoyed the aircond whilst waiting... When mummy came home, she was screaming with joy and amusement (honestly, nothing nice about that! Mummy gets excited really easily - i guess ally got that from her).. Then she whipped out the camera and started getting too trigger happy.. Damn these digital gadgets!

Mummy got onto the car and daddy drove us to Ikano Power Center for our teethbrushing session with uncle adrian.. *shivers* not one of my favourite things to do.. But we were awarded with yummy jelly's from Q-Jelly shop.. *tadaaaa* an array of jelly animals.. *slurps* that's where mummy brought me to choose my elephant jelly cake for my birthday.. Miss it sooooooooo much! *sayang mummy*

After that we headed back to the car and mummy was being eco-friendly and decided not to grab a plastic bag for our jellys.. But an accident happened! I was so devastated! Mummy actually dropped the box of jelly animals and 3 pf them fell out!! *bad mummy* (look at the poor animals lying on the road..) Fatty was so unhappy too! She refused to get into the car (whilst i peeped from in the car cos mummy had to stuff me in and try to salvage the rest of the animals!) she was just standing there staring at the animals.. I bet you folks can feel the disappointment that we felt!

Then daddy stuffed all of us into the car and ran off whilst mummy sat with us with the remaining animals and whipped out her camera and took the photos you saw earlier.. Not long after, daddy returned to the car with more animals and a plastic bag to keep it this time *we love you long time daddy - slurps*

Ally waiting as daddy arrives with our surprise.. :)

Mummy says that we all benefited from the road kill, as we all get an additional animal each! *wooohoooo*

Let us tempt you with some yummy jelly photos and us enjoying ourselves!

Do go to the shop and try out the jelly, it's yummy! The pandan flavor is just bark-a-licious!
Thank you mummy! Thank you daddy!

A Mother's Post.

This post is going to be more picture-ful.. I'm feelin really tired and hungry today - Mummy only fed me half a cup of doggie food, grandma dunno go where.. but anyways, this is MY post... a Mother's post. Yes, I am a mother of three you know... Hence, I'm going to post up some old photos - photos of my back-then 1-month old babies...

Recognize this three monkeys?

If I'm not mistaken, this is Fatty.

Fatty and Greedy hanging around...

Thats definitely Greedy.

Cute right my baby?

But I dont know why today they are so annoying.

Can you tell which is ALLY?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Uh oh! We Made Mummy ANGRY!

Sorry that I havent been blogging for awhile - was busy setting up my other blog page - - this is one page for all of us out there, whether we are doggies or not!

Today was a good evening because it didnt rain, so mummy decided to bring us to our favourite place for walks (Desa Parkcity) but then we made her very angry in the process..

Firstly it was Fatty's fault! She jumped out of the car and started running away without mummy! She wouldnt stop and mummy was very angry cos she was calling and calling fatty but the stupid sister of mine refused to listen (nearly got banged by ongoing cars - mummy is very paranoid about that after our real daddy; Uncle got ran over by a car and died 3 months ago).. Then mummy told me and stephy to stay whilst she ran after fatty but stephy got excited and jumped down running the opposite way!

Wow! Mummy was furious and screaming at all of us (I was innocent!) then when she got hold of all of us, we started our walk around the park.. But then Fatty and Stephy werent synchronised today as they usually are so they keep making Mummy trip.. Bad move people! Baddddd moveeee... Then mummy gave each of us a smack on the bumbum (hey, no my fault! Those two were out of sync, so i lost my rhythm too.. So you cant blame me!)

Then after walking for a long while, the sun was about to set and mummy decided that its time for us to camwhore (we did a pretty good job on that - hence she wasnt mad at us anymore) BUT stupid Fatty did it again!

She decided to give one of the joggers a nice bite on his leg, luckily didnt bleed! Then Stephy lurged after him too, dunno whats her problem! Must be backside itchy! That spoilt Mummy's mood again! But luckily not long after that, Daddy called and said its time to go (note that Daddy was not around during the whole incident cos he was working, so Mummy had to handle all 3 of us on her own) so Mummy was relieved and brought us back to the car where she complained to daddy..

I heard her say that she is so angry and wont bring us here anymore *gasps* and Daddy joked and said if so naughty then sell us and mummy said disown us! *double gasps*

Mmmm... we better be good girls from now on and not spoil Mummy's day again..

On a lighter note:-
It's not only a bad day for mummy but its also not a good day for me! I was too bloaty! Stomach was full of gas and kept passing gas.. :( Mummy and Daddy just couldnt stop laughing at me! But i cant help it, my tummy just aint feeling too good!

*fart at Mummys face* laugh some more! Hmphhhhhhh!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daddy conned us today - Part 2.

Like I mentioned earlier, Daddy and Mummy bought Burger King for themselves and munched out. And after eating the food, they CONNED us again!

The food from Burger King.

Stephy lookin very interested...

But the nuggets does look good...

...of which I had one...

... and we also had our dessert.

The little horsey was mine too...

... and after that was when Daddy conned us!

Do you know what he was doing?

He made me wear my shoes!!!!!

It may look good - but it feels so weird!

Hate you Daddy!

Daddy conned us today.

*note - this is a very long post*

Today, Daddy totally conned us. Firstly, he made us carry our bags and even put Annoying Ally in a very funny looking bag while waiting for Mummy. We thought we were going out for some great fun - yes it was at first; when Mummy came home, we went further... sounds really nice isnt it?

Stephy and her bag.

Me and my bag... mmmph!

Ally in a funny bag.

Along the way, I even saw one of my favourite eateries, the M place; which was near where we were going.

The M place.

When we reach this place that had a lot of people, there were many many cars - hence Daddy took so long to find a place to park his car. Daddy said this place is called IKANO POWER CENTRE - sounds like some power plant or something.

Finally, we found a place to park.

I was already very excited ready to go!

Then came the 'con job' part. Daddy carried Ally and put me on a leash to go to this place that had a lot and a lot of food and treats - I think its a pet shop. Then he dropped us off at this place that I always hate the most - the teeth brushing place! Eeeessshhhh... its so irritating that we have to go to brush teeth, it irritates me so much! I hate brushing teeth!!!

It only took them less than 5 minutes to brush my teeth, but I could not bite them in time. Eeesshhh... After the irritating and annoying teeth brushing, we went downstairs - I got to walk while Mummy carried Stephy and Ally was on Daddy's back hehehe...

This Stephy really loves to be carried!

Hahaha look at Ally!!!

While downstairs, Mummy brought us to this place to buy us TREATS! She bought us some delicious looking jelly cakes. On the way back to the car, something bad happened - Mummy freaking dropped the package!!!!!

The three pieces that went to waste!

The three pieces that was left...

Fortunately, Daddy made up for his 'con' and went to buy somemore!

Daddy and Mummy bought themselves food from this place called Burger King - and we got some too before our jelly cake dessert.

Mmmm yummyzzz...

But after that, Daddy did ANOTHER CON on us. But its gettin kinda long here already, so that'll be my next blog post.


I'm stayin at Daddy's tonight!

Yeyyy tonight I can be in peace and silence.

Without those two irritating ones who bugs me and disturbs my beauty sleep.

Plus, Daddy's here too.


Friday, April 24, 2009

I Believe I Can Fly...

These are a couple of older photos of myself - back when I somehow wasnt so lazy. Hehe... I love to go for car rides (perhaps Fatty got it from me!) and I love stickin my head out of the window for a good breeze... (or in Daddy's driving case, its like a hurricane...) hehehe...

Me enjoyin the wind....

I really miss car rides... I really love them!


Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today, I decided to be cute and put in two little pictures of me and my Daddy and Mummy.... hehehe...

This is me and Mummy...

Me and Daddy...


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shopping in Hong Kong.


It's me again!!!

This is very long post with loads of photos!

Let's start!

See what we got as presents from Hong Kong!

Irritating toothbrush...

Looks tasty...

I wonder whats inside...

Funny lookin bowl for water...

Hehehe... this and much more!!!

My ladybird backpack...

Healthy drink?

Fancy shoes...

Honey and oats treats...

Funny bowl..

Fatty: Daddy said that he saw a few far cousins of mine in Hong Kong - but of cos not as cute or as charming as us *smirks*

Stephy: OF COS! You two got the good genes from meeeee!!

Ally: Mummy said that in Hong Kong there are doggies that can run without leash like me! I really wanna meet them and run with them!

Mummy is bugging Daddy to start migrating all of us to UK or even Australia, so that we can enjoy proper freedom and not be threatened like we are some kind of disease. Daddy says we can, but in mummys dreams! *sheeeshhhh* Daddy's just scared mummy goes and do lots of shopping that why! So mean la this daddy! I'm sure mummy will choose us over shopping anytime at all! *sayang mummy*

Oh for those of you who are going to Hong Kong and looking for goodies like what mummy and daddy have gotten for us, do visit the following places:-

City Super at Harbour City in Tsim Tsa Tsui (exit Tsim Tsa Tsui MTR Station and walk towards exit A which will be the Kowloon Park. Walk up the stairs and turn right once you get out and head straight down the road. You will pass the Kowloon Park, which will be on your right then at the end of the road, cross over to the left and you will see Silvercord Shopping Mall and a Huge ass NIKE sign there. Then walk straight down and cross the road towards Marco Polo Gateway and there is Harbour City shopping mall. Go in and then head up to the 3rd floor and then you will see City Super)

Lots of fun goodies from Japan *woot woot* there's where mummy and daddy bought the bowls for us from. The clever water bowl was HKD$280, whilst the food bowl was HKD$260 They even have this cool plastic bowl that is foldable and can be expanded into a proper bowl when you want to (you can even leash it onto your leash and bring it along when you go for walks or kai kais, very convenient - but mummy said now cos the bowl was too big for us as there was no more small sized ones) HKD$100-150

They even have very nice bling collars and leashes over there too. But daddy said it was too expensive to buy for all 3 of us, so Stephy doesn't even get to have one! Haha! That one was going for HKD$1780 each for the small ones and mummy is not sure about the rest and especially the leash, cos daddy nearly fainted when he saw the price!

There are normal leashes too, made of very sturdy material and nice shiny colours (eg: pink, purple, gold, etc) but not worth the price and it was going for HKD$199 each. I betcha mummy wanted to buy it for us, but daddy said no again! DAMN YOU DADDY! *HMPH* I bet Japanese doggies have hell of a good time with all the array of food and also very interesting things that have been created for them.

Tung Choi Street (exit at Mong Kok or Prince Edward MTR Station) also known as the Goldfish Market (don't ask us why Goldfish Market sells dogs stuff, mummy was boombazzled too!) From Prince Edward station, head out towards the B2 exit and then you will see Ireland Potato on your right, go straight and then at the traffic light, turn right and head down, you will see a petrol station diagonally across the road. Cross the road and just head towards that street and you are right on track)

Here is a place to get the cheapest dog stuff in Hong Kong that mummy has discovered so far - maybe there's more but she says its hard to find there, especially when her proficiency in Cantonese is not good, so even to buy our doggie bag, she had a hard time trying to explain herself to the sales people)

Mummy bought the ladybird bag for us from here (3 different colors, Red, Green and Yellow) and each at HKD$68 - it comes with a leash inside *neh*

The shoes too, and they are cheap!
Ally's one is HKD$48
Mine is HKD$58
Stephy's (the biggest and fattest) is at HKD$68 - and the same design as me!

Stephy: ISH so very irritating!

OH OH, she even bought us Jerky Strips at HKD$50 for two packets! DAMN VALUE!

The lady in the shop was very nice and gave mummy a 10% discount on all the items that she bought so mummy was very happy! So are we!

Mummy said they sells loads of Japanese stuff here too, but not as nice as CitySuper but it is way much cheaper here.

There are even doggie strollers there (ranging from HKD$600-1000) and you can bargain for a good price with them. Thank goodness we can't sit still, or else mummy and daddy would have bought one for us too! Mummy says there are two kinds of strollers there, one is like a doggie bag for us to sit it then convertable into a luggage bag (this kind is cheaper, about HKD$300-500 depending on size) kinda stroller and another is the baby pram one - none for us thanks!

Lastly would be Chung Tung Shopping Mall (President Mall) behind Sogo (exit Causewaybay MTR station and head towards the Sogo exit, go up a floor with the escalator and head towards the back and you will walk pass a tunnel like walkway that has G2000 and 7-11 on the right handside, then you turn left and look for the second building that has the President signboard)

Mummy and daddy didn't buy us anything from here, as mummy doesn't quite like the stuff there, but she did say that she bought us the greenies from there and it was quite an ok price. A bag of 12 large greenies was HKD$150, i think in Malaysia it is more than RM90 *love love mummy*

Here they sell very nice beds and doggie carrier bags and more towards dog food. Maybe that is why it didn't catch mummy's eye. So heavy a dog food, cannot carry back!

But anyway they also sell doggie fencing at HKD$380. Really useful because it has spring and can adjust accordingly (of cause up to a certain length, not like the baby fencing, which you need to buy extra parts to add on if you have a really long door and the length may not be as ideal. Mummy says that would have been a great buy but daddy refused to carry it back home cos he said it was too heavy. Bad daddy!

That's all for now!

Let us entertain you with a funny video of poor turtles spinning around. Betcha they all are either stoning or have massive headaches! We are lucky that we are not turtles and that there isn't such a thing for doggies or daddy will be such a sucker to buy it for us! *phew*